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Crazy Climbz

Safety First at Crazy Climbz - Ensuring Your Peace of Mind in Every Ascent with Yorkshire's Premier Mobile Climbing Wall Adventure.

At Crazy Climbz, we take safety seriously. It's not just a priority; it's a commitment deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations. Our stringent safety measures ensure a secure environment, placing the well-being of our customers and staff at the forefront.

Trust us to make your adventure with Crazy Climbz not just exhilarating, but consistently safe.

What makes us safe:
Automatic Security: The term "auto" in auto belay stands for automatic. This means the system acts spontaneously, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring a swift and reliable response.

Controlled Descent: The auto belay system is designed for a controlled descent. It uses advanced technology, such as hydraulic cylinders and custom valves, to manage the flow of oil, providing a steady and safe descent for climbers.

Redundancy for Safety: The auto belay system is built with redundancy, meaning it has multiple layers of safety features. This ensures that even in the rare event of a component failure, there are backup mechanisms in place to maintain safety.

Proven Reliability: Crazy Climbz employs the latest generation of auto belay systems, backed by years of testing and innovation. These systems have been extensively used and proven to be reliable, providing a track record of safety.

Equipment and Maintenance: Our wall and equipment undergo meticulous daily inspections, adhering to the most stringent standards to ensure optimal operation. Additionally, we conduct comprehensive yearly safety checks to guarantee that our climbing wall maintains the highest level of safety. These regular assessments and thorough examinations are integral parts of our commitment to providing a secure and reliable climbing experience for all our participants.

Insurance: Ensuring the safety and security of our participants is our top priority, and that's why we maintain comprehensive coverage with £10 million public liability insurance. Rest assured, we are fully insured, offering an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for everyone involved in our activities.

Our Team: Our team is equipped with extensive training in wall operations, complete with CRB checks and first aid training, ensuring the utmost safety in all our operations.

Climb with Confidence: Our unwavering commitment to industry-leading safety standards ensures peace of mind for climbers and event organizers. With meticulously controlled descent mechanisms, redundant safety measures, and a dedicated team of trained staff, we prioritise safety, ensuring that every event is both thrilling and secure.


‘We move the mountain to you’

Crazy Climbz Mobile Adventure


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