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Crazy Climb

Our state-of-the-art climbing wall is exceptionally versatile, ensuring operation regardless of most weather conditions. It is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging experience in any climate. Please find detailed operating parameters outlined below.

• Operational in winds up to 30 mph
• Suitable for relatively flat ground
• Users must have a minimum height of 1.1m
• Each route features its own Hydraulic Auto Belay system
• Hydraulic Auto Belay supports a maximum user weight of 113kg

Accessing your Event:
When it comes to gates or entrances, it is important we can gain access, please make sure they're wide enough and have a decent turning circle for easy access to and from the road.

Just a heads-up: our Climbing Walls roll in style on hydraulic trailers towed by 4x4 vehicles.

We're flexible! Our equipment can be set up on either grass or hard standing, as long as the ground is flat and within the specified level parameters.


Here are the minimum operating size specifications:
Length    16 meters
Width    8 meters
Height    7.8 Meters

Ground Level Parameters
Left to right: Max drop of 7.5cm over 2m lengths.
Back to front: Max drop of 7.5cm over 1m lengths.

Our incredible climbing wall features three amazing routes:
Crazy Climbz features three distinctive routes designed to challenge and delight climbers of all levels.

Horizontal Waves route boasts dynamic LED-lit handholds, guiding you through an engaging ascent to conquer the tricky overhang.

For a playful and unpredictable challenge, Zipper's zig-zagging path is perfect for both kids and adults, with no clear handholds making it a cheeky adventure. Lastly, the cosmic escapade of Space Ascent beckons climbers to reach level 3 and hit the button. Do you have what it takes to reach highest Air Lock and save the space station? Test your abilities on this thrilling route and discover the excitement of conquering new heights.
Each route promises a unique and visually stunning experience, ensuring that Crazy Climbz is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable climbing adventure.
Book now and discover the thrill of conquering our 3 LED-adorned walls!

Unleash the thrill of climbing with our cutting-edge, all-weather climbing wall. We bring the adventure to you, so get ready to elevate your event with unforgettable climbing excitement!

Explore the Unmatched Features of Crazy Climbz – Your Ultimate Destination for High-Octane Mobile Climbing Adventure!


‘We move the mountain to you’

Crazy Climbz Mobile Adventure


Crazy Climbz Wall Operational Guidelines

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