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Crazy Climbz FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Your Comprehensive Guide to Crazy Climbz Mobile Wall Climbing Adventure

How does the mobile climbing wall work?
The climbing wall is transported in a flat position on a purpose-built trailer. It is elevated into place using hydraulics. Once securely positioned and tested, climbing activities can begin. The wall is equipped with features and climbing holds. Climbers wear harnesses attached to an auto belay system, allowing them to ascend and descend safely.

Is the climbing wall suitable for all ages?
The climbing wall is designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, there is a minimum height of 1.1 meters and a maximum weight of 113kg making it suitable for children, teens, and adults.

What safety measures are in place?
Our mobile climbing wall undergoes regular safety checks and annual inspections. Climbers are secured with harnesses and an auto belay system, ensuring a safe and controlled descent. Our staff are fully trained to ensure the highest standards of safety. See our “Safety Page” for more information.

Do participants need prior climbing experience?
No prior climbing experience is necessary. Our wall is designed for beginners and experienced climbers alike, with different routes to cater to various skill levels.

Is the climbing wall suitable for indoor and outdoor events?
  - Yes, our mobile climbing wall is versatile and can be set up for both indoor and outdoor events, providing entertainment in various settings.


What are the space and setup requirements?
  - We require a reasonably level area for setup. Specific space and setup requirements can be discussed and tailored to the event's location.
Here are the minimum operating size specifications:
Length    16 meters
Width    8 meters
Height    7.8 Meters

How far in advance should I book the mobile climbing wall for an event?
It is recommended to book the mobile climbing wall well in advance to ensure availability for your desired date. Booking details can be discussed with our team.

How high is the wall?
The climbing wall stands at a height of 7.3 meters, providing a challenging experience for participants of all skill levels.

What clothes and footwear can be worn?
Participants are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes, heels, flip flops, or clogs. While hoodies are permitted, it is necessary to tuck in the hood for safety reasons.

Do you operate in all weathers?
Crazy Climbz can operate in winds up to 30mph and light rain. For safety reasons, climbing must cease during heavy rain as it can create slippery conditions, compromising the safety of climbers.

With Crazy Climbz, every event becomes extraordinary, from corporate gatherings under the stars to weekend festivals in the heart of the city. We're more than a climbing wall; we're an immersive experience propelling you to new heights. Embark on the adventure with us, enhancing celebrations and elevating excitement, one climb at a time.

Find your summit with Crazy Climbz, your go-to for thrilling mobile climbing walls in Yorkshire!

‘We move the mountain to you’

Crazy Climbz Mobile Adventure


Frequently Asked Questions

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