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Crazy Climbz Yorkshire

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Mobile Climbing Yorkshire
Yorkshire and Beyond

Find Crazy Climbz - Yorkshire's Mobile Climbing Wall is on the Map for Thrilling Events Near You!


At Crazy Climbz, our mobile climbing adventure extends across various locations, ensuring the thrill of scaling new heights is within reach for all. From the scenic landscapes of Yorkshire to the cultural richness of Nottinghamshire, the dynamic energy of Lancashire, and the urban pulse of the West Midlands, we bring the excitement to every corner.
Embrace the lively ambiance of Merseyside, the bustling cityscape of Greater Manchester, and the distinctive charm of Tyne and Wear. With no destination deemed too distant, Crazy Climbz is your go-to for transforming any event into a memorable climbing experience.

Explore our map page to see how we're spreading adventure across these fantastic locations!


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